TLP Tester lineup

The tester can implement simulate operating characteristic of protective circuit In addition capable of the VFTLP test.

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◆Most advanced test mode for TLP test
Both of NTLP(normal TLP) and VFTLP(Very Fast TLP) type are offered to our customer.
Pulse width of normal type TLP is 100ns/200ns, and is 1ns for VFTLP.
These are useful to verify ESD withstand voltage in HBM/MM test mode.

◆Powerful monitor to support analysis
An oscilloscope included in TLP tester allows to be confirmed an incident wave to device and a reflective wave from device.
After the incident and reflective wave automatically saved, display on the exclusive monitor.
The exclusive monitor displays the incident and reflective wave with total, in addition, snapback characteristics and leak measurement value from Vf/Im measurement with trace.

◆Difference display for characteristics data
The data saved from oscilloscope allows arithmetic process with high flexibility.
Those can display ON voltage of transistor in difference process or maximum current value in the protect circuit as multiple trace on the same time.
It is possible to confirm the difference value of each trace.

◆Connection to Wafer ESD tester
TLP tester can achieve automatic measurement with connection to Wafer ESD tester.
Automatic measurement and automatic shift to next zap pin and next chip on a wafer are leading to increased test efficiency.

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