We keep pace with time and society.

Our society always continues to change with time. Especially changes and developments are remarkable for the electronics industry, our main line of business. Since our company was established in 1966, we have been making products to get customer’s confidence and have been developing our technique. And we have been doing them with a lot of customer’s supports and having” mind of challenge” the founder always said.  

Since 1980 we have developed reliable test equipments as our original brand product. We started from 256-pin ESD test equipment for semiconductor devices. Then we have furthered developments such as 1024-pin and wafer compatible. Furthermore we moved to analysis equipments and added to our product line like function tester and TLP test to examine behavior of ESD protection circuits. Our development, productions and sales always responded to our customer needs, which constantly changes over time.

We aim for making reliable products so our customers can trust, and devoting ourselves to technological development that is useful for our society. We continue our relentless challenge to contribute to build the better society, understanding changes of period and society. And we continue to challenge with our company slogan “CHANCE, CHALLENGE, CHANGE”. We appreciate your great support.

President Takumi Hasebe

Takumi Hasebe
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