Corporate profile

Headquarters 689-3, Ogaito, Wakayama 649-6272, Japan
Foundation October 1966
Capital 20,000,000(Japanese Yen)
Chairman Takumi Hasebe
President Masanori Sawada
Employees 51 persons
Business line Manufacturing of semiconductor evaluation/measuring instruments, Development of mechatronics control equipments
1966 Oct. Hanwa Denkensho was founded
1968 Oct. Plant established in Okaminami, Wakayama
Design and manufacture of automatic control panels were started
1971 Apr. Entered in electronics industry
1975 Feb. New plant established in Tajiri, Wakayama
Company name changed as Hanwa Electronics
1976 Dec. Incorporated as Hanwa Electronic Ind. Co., Ltd.
1979 Jan. Power Controller (Granted patent) business started
1983 Feb. R & D Center completed at Ogaito, Wakayama
Headquarters moved to Ogaito, Wakayama
1983 Aug. Development project team established for semiconductor evaluation instruments
1984 Jun. Semiconductor evaluation instruments production commenced
1985 Jan. Exhibited at INTERNEPCON Japan 1985
1987 Oct. Exhibited at SEMICON Japan 1987
1988 Sep. Exhibited at INTERNEPCON Singapore 1988
1990 Feb. Capital increased to 20,000,000(Japanese Yen)
1990 May. Exhibited at SEMICON WEST U.S.A 1990
1991 Apr. Exhibited at INTERNEPCON Korea 1991
1991 Oct. Exhibited at PRODUCTRONICA Germany 1991
1992 Mar. New headquarters building established
1993 Nov. Read paper at RCJ Symposium
1994 Nov. Read paper at EOS/ ESD Symposium
1996 Oct. Wafer ESD Tester development project commenced
1997 Nov. Function Tester entered into Tester market
1998 Nov. European market business commenced
1999 Nov. Exhibited at LSI Testing Symposium 1999
2000 Feb. Received ISO09001 certification
2001 Feb. New plant established in headquarters
2001 Sep. Exhibited at SEMICON Taiwan 2001
2002 Mar. Exhibited at SEMICON Shanghai 2002
2005 Feb. Signed Joint development agreement with IMEC, Belgium
2006 Apr. Certificated as one of “300 of Japan’s Vibrant Monozukuri (Manufacturing) SMEs” from Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
2010 Dec. Signed Joint development agreement with NCTU, Taiwan
2014 Feb. Received "MONODZUKURI New Selection in KANSAI 2014" from Kansai Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry
2015 Feb. Electrostatic Image system technology was accepted by Wakayama prefectural government as recommended technology
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